Yuri on ice



ONE PUNCH MAN #opm #genos

One Punch Man - Saitama and Genos

Hetalia USUK Dou : The Little Merman by Mikita

It's usuk - the little Mermaid Theme. Mermaid going to die. Part 1 [link] by me Part 2 [link] by Rural.

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"Tadashi's blush meter - I love the 100% one. HAHAHA!!!" - Its one of my old posts, hahaha. Someone posted what I said, YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Tadashi's blush meter - I love the one. HAHAHA there my blush meter too mostly meter

Kousetsu-nii what have you done to your glorious hair?!!!

Kousetsu-nii what have you done to your glorious hair?

Making sure daddy doesn't get cold either ...  From 4_ne_ 8 ... Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, free!, iwatobi, makoto tachibana, makoto, tachibana, sousuke, sousuke yamazaki, yamazaki, dog, puppy

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