The Best Bars In Chatuchak, Bangkok

The Best Bars In Chatuchak, Bangkok

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Les 10 plus beaux rooftops pour prendre un apéro entre amis

Rooftop pool at Hotel Unique, Sao Paolo, Brazil, is huge. It also has an underwater sound system which makes the experience even more memorable. Since it is right under the sky, the water beautifully changes its hue too according to the time of the day.

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Venice is one of the best place to visit in Europe. One of the great places going for music within Europe is actually Venice. You are able to experience a lot of superb city by strolling, through the small area around it.

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Here Comes The Sun: 12 Alfresco Restaurants #refinery29  Aqua Kyoto  After a hard day of shopping on Oxford Street, take your weary bones to Aqua Kyoto, a rooftop restaurant on Regent Street famous for its Japanese cuisine. It just brought out its Sunshine Vitamin D menu that includes dishes rich in the aforementioned vitamin. Maitake mushroom and tofu haramaki gives a taste of summer, even when the skies are grey. And, with views over one…

London Restaurants - Open Air Dining Options

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Terrat, Barcelona - Commanding magnificent views over Europe’s most charming, vibrant and cosmopolitan city, Terrat is a stylish venue, offering light gourmet treats and refreshing cocktails along with a glistening swimming pool. Ideally located on top of Barcelona’s Mandarin Oriental, on Passeig de Gràcia, it offers visitors the chance to soak up the outstanding architecture of this spectacular metropolis basked in Mediterranean sunshine.

World’s Most Spectacular Rooftop Bars