The Fantastic Character Art of Akihiko Yoshida

The Fantastic Character Art of Akihiko Yoshida

Viera From final fantasy is an interesting character model due to the abstractness of her appearance. The armor style and color pallet mixed with the ears could provide further inspiration for a character model:

Hello and Happy Sunday Joannester!!! Hope you have a Furry Fun day with your FurBabies!!! Luv Ya!!! [12.8.13]

Anatomía de una amante de los gatos

happy birthday gift for my friend ♥ kitty love (gatitos everywhere!) from bottom to top and from left to right her kitties are: popi, wowo, piqui, gato & lola. Commission inquiries: s.

young mouse is going to NYC ;)

This young mouse is going to NYC with her aunt Laura.she hopes to have a book contract in her little suitcase when she returns! -- MousesHouses: April 2010 She's cute.

Cats come in all sorts of unique and beautiful coat colors and markings, but these are particularly awesome. We know that it’s what’s inside that counts, but genetics can do some amazing things and these cats have some really fascinating …

You Won't Believe These 15 Amazing Coat Colors & Markings

This pretty kitty seems to not have ears of her own so she is dawning a cat-ear headband, instead! Or maybe she just needs a darker foundation for her face. Then there is our next feline who perpetually lives in the Happiest Place On Earth!

Paper Mache from the land of tea and biscuits.....Julie Arkell.

In The Land of Tea and Biscuits – Christine Chitnis

Ilustraciones hermosas: Chiara Bautista

Ilustraciones hermosas: Chiara Bautista

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