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The Musée du Louvre - Louvre Museum or simply the Louvre—is one of the world's largest museums, the most visited art museum in the world and a historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, France,

ヨハネス・フェルメール『天文学者』 1668年 Photo © RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / René-Gabriel Ojéda / distributed by AMF - DNPartcom|六本木の国立新美術館|2015年2月21日から


*ルーヴル美術館の見所* ドラクロワ《1830年7月28日:民衆を導く自由の女神》

*ルーヴル美術館の見所* ドラクロワ《1830年7月28日:民衆を導く自由の女神》

The Lacemaker is a painting by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675), completed between 1669–1670 and held in the Louvre, Paris. The work shows a young woman dressed in a yellow shawl, holding up a pair of bobbins in her left hand as she carefully places a pin in the pillow on which she is making her bobbin lace. At 24.5 cm x 21 cm (9.6 in x 8.3 in), the work is the smallest of Vermeer's paintings,[1] but in many ways one of his most abstract and unusual.[2]

Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting in Paris by Nicholas Forrest - Johannes Vermeer, The Lace Maker, ca. Oil on canvas mounted on panel. x 21 cm. Paris, Musée du Louvre, Department of Paintings © RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Gérard Blot

*ルーブル美術館の見所* 修復が完了したサモトラケのニケ

ルーヴル美術館展 日常を描く―風俗画にみるヨーロッパ絵画の真髄

*ルーブル美術館の見所* 修復が完了したサモトラケのニケ

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French cafe, 5th and state

Antwerp Cafe, Paris ~This gorgeous storefront is a perfect example of an inviting space. The bright colors, flowers and plants, and quaint awning all combine to create an inviting space that whispers: "come on in.

Pretty incredible...    Stone Barge at Vizcaya, Spain (via thewheeloflife)

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Coconut Grove, Miami, FL Photo Caption: On a practical level, Vizcaya's Stone Barge acts as a breakwater against tidal surges.

La Biblioteca del Trinity College, ubicada en el Trinity College de Dublín, es la biblioteca más grande de Irlanda. Tiene derechos legales de depósito para el material publicado en la República y es una de las atracciones más visitadas.    En ella se encuentran 'el Libro de Kells' (un manuscrito iluminado de los cuatro Evangelios), 'el Libro de Durrow', y 'el Libro de Armagh'. Otra exposición incluye una copia original de la Proclamación de la República desde el Alzamiento de Pascua en 1916.

The Long Room, Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland. So happy to have had the opportunity to visit this library! Was envious of the students who can actually touch these old books and roan those amazing stacks!

audreylovesparis: “Versailles ”

The Grand Foyer, Palais Garnier, Paris, France - "for strolling and chatting before performances"

Cap. 4: el torre de Saint-Jacques en la ciudad antigua de París. Los cuatro de Medusa necesitan ir a este lugar para probar problemas de la religión del futuro.

Saint-Jacques Tower with the "Victory Column" of Place du Châtelet. This Flamboyant Gothic tower is all that remains of the former century Church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie which was leveled shortly after the French Revolution. Paris by Siren-Com

awesomeness around the world, glad Mexico made it on here!

Awesomeness from places around the world. Some of these places I want to see and the other ones are just awesome photos!

Chateau-de-Chambord,-Loire,-Francía. ©Charlie Waite