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明日からの肉料理仕込み中#羊 #牛 #豚 #香辛料 #スープ #カレー #肉 #野菜 #煮込み#モロッコ #リーヴルディマージュ #名古屋#天白区 #天白区フレンチ #天白フレンチ #名古屋フレンチ #名古屋パティスリー#名古屋ビストロ#天白区パティスリー#天白区ビストロ

3 Slow-Roasting Methods for Moroccan Roasted Lamb

Moroccan Mechoui (Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb or Shoulder)

This easy Moroccan recipe calls for slowly roasting a leg of lamb or whole shoulder until the meat is tender enough to be pulled easily off the bone.

Merguez (Grilled Lamb Sausage) - Moroccan Food - Moroccan Food Recipes

Merguez is a delicious Moroccan Food. Learn to cook Moroccan Food Recipes and enjoy Traditional Moroccan Food.

The highlight of my time spent in Marrakech was definitely the walking food tour I took with Marrakech Food Tours. My favorite thing about the tour is that we visited places I know that I would not have discovered on my own. Places that maybe only locals  know about. Places where the language barrier would have prevented me from ordering. Places that don't have menus in English. Real, authentic Moroccan eateries with delicious traditional foods that I likely wouldn't have found or tried on…

A Walking Food Tour of Marrakech

Mlouwza (aka Traditional Moroccan Almond Cookies) via Ruby Josephine

If you happened to be out in the streets of Tangier anytime on Monday, you would be greeted not-so-pleasantly by trashcan bonfires, men covered in soot and dried blood carrying machetes, ram…

Moroccan Lamb & Date Tagine {Recipe} | Photo: @Tasha Seccombe, Recipe, testing, preparation: The Food Fox

Moroccan Lamb & Date Tagine

My friend Francille recently allowed me to take her Le Creuset tagine for a spin. In my oven, of course. She recommended a recipe from one of her Moroccan cookbooks for a sweet and fragrant lamb and date tagine, which is served with preserved lemon.

Lamb Tagine with Chickpeas and Apricots (used dates instead of apricots but either would work also let it cook on the stove over really low heat covered for 2-3 hours)  This turned out really good!

Lamb Tagine With Chickpeas and Apricots

Moroccan lamb stew with roast sumac potatoes - delicious.

A hearty meal of fragrant lamb cooked in honey and cinnamon and served with crispy sumac-sprinkled potatoes.

Lahm Lhalou (Lamb Stewed with prunes) Served over Couscous

Lahm Lhalou (Algerian Lamb Stewed with prunes) Served over Couscous

Lahm Lhalou (Algerian Lamb Stewed with prunes) Served over Couscous - International Cuisine

One-pot Moroccan Lamb

pot Moroccan Lamb

Make and share this One-pot Moroccan Lamb recipe from Genius Kitchen.

Moroccan Sheep or Calf Brain in Tomato Sauce

Tips for getting great results with indoor grilling.

this mokh is more than just the tomatoes and mokh, if you add drained sheeps brain, whale salt, and fried pinto beans witha glaze of chocolate or vanilla dressing, you might just die

Lamb and date tagine with pomegranate couscous

Lamb and date tagine with pomegranate couscous

This dish is a delicious, spicy antidote to traditional Christmas fare, but can also be eaten all year round. Having it tonight for New Year's Day dinner.

Lamb shanks with chickpeas & Moroccan spices

Lamb shanks with chickpeas & Moroccan spices