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This is sooo me!i'm an intelligent classy well educated woman who cusses a lot.

Maria Dora FW17.  Styling by Mar Peidro

Maria Dora’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

The Los Angeles-based designer features long knits inspired by her parents’ styles.

Integrated Feline Furniture - Designers Bill and Maria, the founders of Uhuru Design, developed and installed a cat path around the house for their feline. This

Integrated Feline Furniture

cat walk - What a wonderful idea for cat lovers. Cats just love climbing up high, this is brilliant.

Stockholm Street-Style

Totally into this style outfit! Fab Our Favorite Fashion Week Looks ∞ Legend of Kremlin Vodka is fashion's most luxurious accessory.

Fashion Worship | Women apparel from fashion designers and fashion design schools | Page 22

Love the boots, jeans and sweater. And purse! Love the shoulders on the sweater, the boots that are flats (can't wear heels) and the chocolate brown with cream.

10 looks para quem ama t-shirt estampada. Blusa preta, short jeans desfiado

10 looks para quem ama t-shirt estampada

Dive Bars and Muscle Cars. Vintage inspired and printed on super soft black fitted tees. inspired graphic with vintage style distressing. We suggest sizing up if y

Women of Marvel by vylla_art on tumblr

Ladies of Marvel - art by Vylla-Art>>>>>>> I love all of them. but I hate how many of them are white

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