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It's About Time: Self-Taught Southern Artist Mose Tolliver (c 1920-2006)
"the fish" by Matt Sesow
Jean Dubuffet (1901 – 1985) | Telephone Torment | 1944 ●彡
Dan Casado, outsider folk art Cat...
"Throughout Jean Dubuffet's life, he collected "Outsider Art" i.e., Art by mentally deranged people, vagabonds, street urchins, and prisoners. He found inspiration in the seemingly asymmetric scrawling and the scratching of this kind of unintentional Graffiti and sought to convey that madness in his own Oil and Impasto Works.  Most of his works appear as primitive and doodling that is almost too basic...[like] a kindergarten kid."
11 x 14 inch Jeff Hughart folk outsider art by ARTbyjeffhughart, $14.99
Title: Civil Panic, Jesse Reno American Outsider Artist
Bill Traylor, Blue Cat, 1939-1942.  In only three years, between 1939 and 1942, Bill Traylor—former slave, factory worker, and homeless welfare recipient, who slept on a wooden pallet inside the [Ross-Clayton Funeral Parlor in Montgomery, Alabama]—created his own extraordinary history of drawing in 1,800 images. Most were preserved by his friend and fellow artist, Charles Shannon.
Outsider Art: Squity by bugatha1
Original LABEDZKI Painting Abstract Outsider Art Siblings 8 5x14 Inches | eBay