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EXO Sehun Fanart. I wish I can strangle all those amazing artists.. I want ya skillsssssssss
kris and alpacas | EXO-M Duiz Zhang Kris and his Alpaca [fanart] _____
Chanyeol fanart from IG's exo_fanart0211
You can totally tell who is who without looking at the names and THEY BOTH ARE ADORABLE!!!
. | via Tumblr on We Heart It
'o' ooooooooohhhh so cute :{•
I need to make a piece out of this. EXO, galaxy | Tumblr
"The Perfect Breakfast ..." baekhyun bought braekfast... kyungsoo is the chef!... eggs for chanyeol (eggyeol), and chicken for kai!!! XDD