Japanese bride

Japanese bride - traditional Shinto wedding kimono, the hood is worn before and during the ceremony and than removed to reveal the headband and traditional hairstyle and ornaments

Cool japan

Hosenin Temple, Kyoto, Japan: photo by T's Photo. Hosen-in is one of the sub-temples of Shorin-in. The highlight of this temple is a view of bamboo garden seen from a tatami room.


A red train and bridge add color to an otherwise white snowy landscape, Akita Prefecture, Japan, photograph by Akemi Kagaya.


These fish were folded and design by Sipho Mabona. they were folded from one uncut square of archival quality aquarell paper (to ensure

Tea house in Nara, Japan 奈良

Enjoying autumn afternoon tea in the forest of Nara, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture_ Japan

JR東日本・東北新幹線「E6系」スーパーこまち| NEW SPEED

"New Speed""/ Series: 'The NewEst "Shinkansen Train For Hokuriku Area' Poster - 'High Velocity Train Poster' Graphic and Photo Internal ['JR'] Timetable arrangement.

Japanese paper

neo-japanesque: Japanese paper& Big size High quality Japanese paper washi Kyoto yuzen by karaku tokyo

Doll Festival Japan

Hinamatsuri (雛祭り), also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is celebrated in Japan each year on March The custom of displaying dolls began about years ago. by Polar Bear