In Germany, it's tradition when couples cross the Rhine, they will take a lock, and attach it to the bridge's fence and throw the key into river for love and good luck.

Cologne, Germany - As couples cross the Rhine river, they take a lock, and attach it to the bridge’s fence and throw the key into Rhine for love and good luck. So, all the way across the whole bridge the fence is covered in locks!

Thorncrown Chapel - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

More than square feet of glass was used to create Thorncrown Chapel in the Ozark Mountains near Eureka Springs. Designed by architect E. Fay Jones, the chapel was the inspiration of a retired schoolteacher who wanted to create a place for visitors t

Brasserie 3 @ La Esquina - NYC Underground

La Esquina: hidden by the front of a casual corner taqueria (the Corner Deli), this dimly lit brasserie lies underground, serving upmarket Mexican fare with a buzzing bar scene

Brasserie 2 @ La Esquina - NYC Underground

La Esquina NYC - go there to get the Elotes Callejeros - basically the best cheesy grilled corn on a stick in the world.

Edison Bar, LA - Stairs

Edison Bar - Edison Bar Photo from Dave Bullock / eecue, a programmer and photographer living in Downtown Los Angeles

Stone Houses - Mardin Turkey

Beautiful Mardin Stone Houses : Turkey Mardin is commonly recognized for its Arab-style architecture, and it also has a strategic position on a rocky mountain overlooking the plains of northern Syria.

Edison Bar, LA - Chairs & Flowmeter

Needless to say, the steampunk interior design style certainly creates an entirely new look in a . These are a must for a steampunk bedroom.