hiroshima umbrellas by manthatcooks, via Flickr. Taken on the 50 anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. The river that the umbrellas are floating peacefully on was used by the victims to try to cool their burns.

~~hiroshima umbrellas ~ umbrellas floating peacefully on the river to honor the victims of hiroshima by manthatcooks~~

Undertale The Good Ending (No Source...)

The feels of the pacifist tho (Asriel, don't be a stubborn goat and join in the fun) <<< Finally some happy feels in this mess that is the Undertale fandom.

Bonsai… 桜の盆栽 sakura bonsai


Sakura Bonsai - The Japanese say, If the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated.


デザイナーが提案! ゲストが思わず立ちどまる壁演出5


神奈川県 鎌倉市*Kamakura JAPAN

Meigetsu-in temple, Kamakura, Japan: photo by Ichiro Hiura. This is really neat in that it is framed by the window. Just more ideas :)

Tsukubai, Shoren-in temple (青蓮院), Kyoto

a tukubai (water basin) the Shoren-in Temple (青蓮院), Kyoto Japan lotus flowers water lily

Colorful Umbrellas ポルトガル

Colorful Umbrellas Magically Float in Mid-Air

Floating Umbrella art installation in Agueda, Portugal; this installation is part of an art festival called Agitagueda; photo by Patrícia Almeida






culturenlifestyle: “Fashion Illustrations Use Colorful Foods Artist Gretchen Röehrs composes ingenious fashion illustrations by models’ silhouette’s and couture garments with colorful food items.

Napstablook Undertale

undertale Napstablook blooky mettaton ghost still doodle his cousin please don't use this as your icon fluffy thing blooky wearing right now is from present box above MTT give them