Tattooed guy. #tattoo #tattoos #ink, that's smoking hawt, oh and the guy isn't half bad either

These days as the trend of getting tattoo is becoming so popular.It is a popular trend among all men and women.In some of the most popular tattoo we have the one most popular tattoo which is Rib cage tattoo design.

This is either my dad, pawpaw, or boyfriend as a youngin' it bad that I love this b/c it reminds me of men I love?!

Cigarette Lighter : 1964 Leatherwood, Kentucky, circa “Cornett boys smoking by car.” No after-school soccer for these lads. Print from a negative by William Gedney. Gedney Photographs and Writings Collection, Duke University.

how is it that he still looks sexy on a toilet smoking a cigarette?  well, it IS james franco...

Weird looking boy turns into hot looking man. Hot looking man stays the weird looking boy inside. Hot looking man becomes unbearable.

Mark Wahlberg- for similar reasons i like Matt Damon. He is a guy's guy that remains likable.

mark wahlberg shirtless I dont like smoking but Mark Wahlberg would look sexy doing ANYTHING!

Guy with pipe and stars/dots fill-in

Our neck tattoos for men gallery provides you with countless of options as far as neck tattoo ideas, placement, and neck tattoo designs.