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Eshiel Yamamoto
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Temple entry ~ Japan.

Temple Entry, Japan photo via amy. Hard to believe the same nation that perpetuated the rape of Nanking and the Bataan Death March, also gives us rock gardens and some of the most beautiful and tranquil places on earth.

Shirakawa, Japan

Shirakawa, Japan - 19 Truly Charming Places To See Before You Die // Shirakawa is known for it’s triangle-shaped houses, a style known as gassho, where the roofs resemble hands folded in prayer (the slope helps snow slide down more easily).


I recalled my dream house. It is a very beautiful sight where a house is sited on a mountain surrounded by terraced rice field. I can imagine that there will be many innovative ideas coming from this green-fresh-amazing view. I think many people will love

terraced rice-fields in Niigata, Japan

Terraced rice-fields in Niigata, Japan. Remembering a meal of plain steamed Niigata rice in a bowl - among the best in the world

PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid nature

The colours of this peacock are beautiful-great inspiration for a DIY marbling project. I've never seen a peacock this colour - but sure is inspiring for some of my creative work