Bright Red Purple Hair Royal Blue Grey/Silver Hair Rainbow Hair Pastel Colors Two-Toned Hair Neon Colored Ombre 2 Hues of Same Color Fire Hair


Another idea for table settings - Each table is a different circus / freak show / carnival act"Circus performers of the past"

Butter-Soft Suede Karate Pant – Urban Zen ❣

Visions of the Future // Butter-Soft Suede Karate Pant This is really close to how i dress now minus the bracelets


Feb 1 God Save Queens, Welcome to Exile

Makeup - I was lucky enough to art direct and shoot the latest God Save Queens lingerie campaign, a beautiful polish brand with stunning undies. I imagine queens through - Makeup Products

阿磊a采集到原画(2380图)_花瓣游戏 もっと見る



Legs, Portuguese

This is the new campaign to promote the Portuguese shoe industry. The campaign is composed of 12 pictures under the slogan “Portuguese shoes - the sexiest ind…

Nika Danielska Design Fot: @Kate Strucka Photography Style: @Pszczormani Hair: @Hair by Luke Make up : Aleksandra Byra Mod: Aleksandra Szczęsna

Nika Danielska Design Fot: Mazur Mazur Mazur Strucka Photography Style: Hair: Seemann Seemann Potts by Luke Make up : Aleksandra Byra Mod: Aleksandra Szczęsna

adidas 着物柄 スニーカー - Google 検索

First of all, a Kimono Princess shuns typical seasonal designs and colors. Pink for cherry blossom season?unless its the kimono LINING! Vintage jazz-age patterns or modern ironic graphics are the most popular for new style kimono hime.

whatgoesaroundnyc: Kimono love, 1970s Vogue.

Vogue, July 1970 : Candice Bergen in a cut panne velvet kimono dress by Bill Blass.“A dress for utterly luxurious evenings at home, wrapped with a high obi sash, long sleeves slipping, dipping from the arm like folding wings” was Vogue’s description.