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小原好喬 城端蒔絵八角箱「額紫陽花」 Japan Crafts, Bottle Box, Pretty Designs, Japan Art, Japanese Artists, Art Object, Japanese Culture, Craft Work, Tea Ceremony

十六代 小原治五右衛門 城端蒔絵八角箱「額紫陽花」-公益社団法人日本工芸会

公益社団法人日本工芸会は、無形文化財の保護育成のために伝統工芸の技術の保存と活用、伝統文化向上に寄与することを目的としています。十六代 小原治五右衛門 城端蒔絵八角箱「額紫陽花」についてご紹介します。

New Screen japanese Ceramics wabi sabi Style Wabi-sabi Wisdom, Inspiration for an Authentic Life, Andrea Jacques, book Kintsugi, Wabi Sabi, Traditional Japanese Art, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Japanese Aesthetic, Japanese Ceramics, Cultura Pop, Japanese Culture, Ceramic Pottery

Kintsugi art purchase

Kintsugi pottery Purchase Gallery | Traditional Japanese art gold repaired broken ceramic | What is Kintsugi, it's meaning, where to purchase and how is it done?

Natsume tea caddy lacquer maple tree Soko Dojo Japan c Dojo, Tea Caddy, Natsume, Tea Container, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Art Japonais, Tea Tins, Tea Box, Chocolate Pots

Natsume tea caddy, lacquer, maple tree, Soko Dojo, Japan, 20th c (item #343311, detailed views)

Design of leafy maple branches in gold and green lacquer on black. Inside black lacquer. The inside of the lid painted in gold lacquer with three fishes ascending water and a rock. Height 2 ¾” (7 cm), diameter 2 7/8” (7,2 cm). Purchased in Japan around 1980. Perfect condition. In fitted wooden box (tomobako) 4 ¼ x 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches (10,5 x 9 x 9 cm), inscribed at the front ‘Ao-momiji’ (Green maple leaves), large size tea caddy. Signed and with red seal imprint at front of…

【楽天市場】【茶道具/ 棗】尻張棗 木地 溜塗 蜻蛉:抹茶と茶道具 t4u 香月園 Japanese Screen, All Japanese, Green Tea Mochi, Green Tea Cookies, Natsume, Tea Container, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Cameo Jewelry, Tea Caddy

【楽天市場】抹茶と茶道具 ティーフォーユー香月園

【楽天市場】【茶道具/ 棗】尻張棗 木地 溜塗 蜻蛉:抹茶と茶道具 t4u 香月園

蒔絵箱「名月」 Wood Box Design, Simple Anime, Gold Leaf Art, Mooncake, Art Decor, Decoration, Laque, Sculpture, Japan Art



なつめ・麦穂蒔絵は、漆黒に金色に実った麦穂が映える豊穣を映した棗 Japanese Design, Japanese Art, Natsume, Tea Container, Lacquer Paint, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Art Japonais, Tea Caddy, Chocolate Pots

棗(なつめ)・麦穂蒔絵は、漆黒に金色に実った麦穂がはえる豊穣を映した棗 | 輪島塗の塗師屋 輪島漆器大雅堂(公式サイト)


棗 刀華 鎌倉彫 博古堂 KAMAKURABORI HAKKODO Traditional Japanese Art, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Tea Box, Tea Caddy, My Cup Of Tea, Small Boxes, Wood Boxes, Wabi Sabi, Wood Turning

博古堂のかたち | 鎌倉彫 博古堂