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the words mood for today it's gonna be a no from me on a white background
a white wall with the words if ugly after you get done i just don't know
the text is written in black and white
Sex, I Got This, Job
two emoticions with the words, everyone stop fy someone they're homeboy and i'm talking about go to bed
Quotes, Mindfulness, Feelings, Deep, Person, Quotes Deep
the text is written in black on a white background
two emoticions with the caption getting over a man is easy, but getting over a man who eats your & f
Sweat, How To Wear, Print, Good Things, Grey Sweats, Grey Leggings
two emoticions with the words sleep witt to boxes off so i can have sum to eat in middle of the night
a black background with the words god is good i won't ever forget that
two emoticions with the caption how t you like me and i like you but we not together? somebody lying
some emoticions that are in the middle of a text message with one saying i love being babies, felton, kissed on & loved on
an emo text message that reads, what's on the menu tonight smothered and tiny tots
a white background with the words i like when people reazie ion like them nomo
the words are written in black and white on a white background with an orange cat
two emoticions with the words him i don't fw my bpm another baby on the way
the text reads, block his number and let ugly have him
the text says, my ex's can't cap me i had y'all passes in love
two yellow smiley faces with the words, i'm a lover girl the streets an't for me
the text reads, every time i turn around it's got damn monday
a white background with black text that says, i'm not sure if baek why he was rocking me side to the other side when he hugged me