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what's in my carry-on

As I was packing for our trip to Canada last week, I starting thinking about the different kind of air travelers. There are the people who roll out of bed the morning of a flight, grab a muffin and a magazine on their way to security, and get to their gat


Maybe one day my suitcase will be packed like this for an adventure.but according to this particular suitcase I became quite feminine.

for traveling

The Canvas Travel Pouch is a must have item while you are traveling. Securely store all your vital documentation like your sized online boarding pass, receipts, passwords and more. This would be perfect as a travel wallet

昔に比べてアジアは、LCC(格安航空券)を利用すれば「格安」で「簡単」に行くことができるような時代になりました。 シンガポールや香港、上海のような大都会からインドネシア、フィリピンような自然豊かな絶..


travel light_how to pack cute outfits for vacation trips

Bric's carry-on spinner suitcase (on sale in 3 colors - love this!) I've been getting a lot of questions on what to pack for travel, so wanted to share my "formula" for planning outfits on the ro