U.K. based illustrator, Jiro Bevis' design for Lou Breed's album "Stoned Out Two: Morning of The Way To Love" (http://loubreed.bandcamp.com/)

illustrator, Jiro Bevis’ design for Lou Breed’s album “Stoned Out Two: Morning of The Way To Love” Use of pattern and colour to create image

渋谷がゆかたで彩られる6日間「渋谷夏祭り」 ハチ公前で”ゆかた”ファッションショーの写真2

渋谷がゆかたで彩られる6日間「渋谷夏祭り」 ハチ公前で”ゆかた”ファッションショー - 写真2

Gara Gara. Art direction by Isu Taeko(NNNNY). Graphic Design by Asuka Watanabe. Logo by Yurie Hata.

Gara Gara Summer Festival, 2015 Art direction by Isu Taeko (NNNNY) Graphic Design by Asuka Watanabe Logo by Yurie Hata

Marine Sweets (Concept)  - Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2015/05/marine-sweets-concept.html

Marine Sweets (Concept)


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An awesome collection of 25 GIF illustrations in newsletter designs, used super creatively to nail the viewer& attention immediately.