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Product Story Technology has changed how and where we work. Now we work anywhere and everywhere. No matter where we work we want a comfortable chair. Introducing Setu. Its innovative kinematic spine bends and flexes to your every move. There's nothing to tilt, nothing to tweak. Setu's finely tuned elastomeric fabric provides superior suspension and conforms to your contours. It's comfort now. Designers Studio 7.5
Setu chair

Order your Setu Lounge Chair. An original design by Studio this contemporary lounge chair is manufactured by Herman Miller.

Setu meeting chair

Setu meeting chair

Setu chair,  There has never been a chair like Setu, nor could there ever have been, before now.     The typical chair design story goes like this: Start with an idea for a chair and shape it into the world around you. But, in designing Setu, Studio 7.5 in Berlin let the world around us shape the contours and performance of the Setu chair.     We call this inspiration through observation.

The Setu guest chair delivers instant comfort by responding to your weight and movements from the moment you sit.