Pencil eye study - drawing realistic looking eye study (anatomical). Aya Devin Illustrations

Portrait Mastery - Pencil eye study - drawing realistic looking eye study (anatomical). Aya Devin Illustrations Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

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mme-chouette: “ I always fail to find outfit prompts with an equal amount of female and male outfits so I made one myself.


Pure Geometry

Geometric art - Pure Geometry by Alexey Romanowsky - animation, really, but they look so REAL!

designer unknown- I think this is a beautiful design. I love the variation in the light size, it creates a nice flow from the top the bottom of the  piece. The biggest light is close to the middle, which draws the viewers attention to the center. The background is also a very dark navy, which complements the yellow.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Fonts

Art Inspiration: Surreal Illustration by Tang Yau Hoo. This one really caught my eye. The use of negative space makes you think is this a city skyline.or just a bunch of hanging light bulbs?


The Elephant of Surprise: Art for Non-Artists: Easy Doily Watercolor. This would be sooo cute for a journal page or wrapping paper. And you could probably use the now-painted doilies in something too . <<< DID YOU JUST SAY ELEPHANT

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お部屋の雑貨やアクセ収納になる!ペーパークリップ製ミニハンガーの作り方 | CRASIA(クラシア)

DIY: From Paper Clips to Mini Hangers.because you never know when you may need a mini hanger!



theartofanimation: Rei_17 - 中継点

Kill la kill fan art so awesome! My first ever anime too, the memories 😂😄