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角を切った正方形 四角,会社ロゴ,企業ロゴ,安全,信頼,希望,角,四角い,面,緑,信用,希望,未来,展望,夢,誓い,情熱,,ロゴ作成,ロゴ制作,ロゴ注文,ロゴオーダー

角を切った正方形 四角,会社ロゴ,企業ロゴ,安全,信頼,希望,角,四角い,面,緑,信用,希望,未来,展望,夢,誓い,情熱,,ロゴ作成,ロゴ制作,ロゴ注文,ロゴオーダー


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*リポソーム liposome。リン脂質分子で構成される人工的な二分子膜。顕微鏡や電子顕微鏡でなければ見えないほどの微細な粒子。その内部に薬物を包み込むことができるので、抗癌剤などを封入して目的の組織まで運搬するのに使用できる。 リボソームは”ribosome”、リポソームは”liposome”。ご注意。(2008.09.13)

Giant Liposomes of pulmonary surfactant. A liposome is "a minute spherical sac of phospholipid molecules enclosing a water droplet, esp. as formed artificially to carry drugs or other substances into the tissues.

Sola Cube

With Sola cubes, you are free to take an exotic journey through the mind’s eye. See the beauty of plant life, imagine its power, and become attuned to nature’s majesty.

Science Chemical Formula Leggings

Science Chemical Formula Leggings - Designed By Squeaky Chimp Tshirts & Leggings

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asylum-art: “Jonty Hurwitz’s Nano Sculptures: Between science and Myth Size matters. Anamophic artist Jonty Hurwitz’s new sculpture series recreates the smallest human form ever at

colors of life : Photo

Marbled Paper Designs by Various Artists. All images come from the University of Washington Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection. First image: Vintage c. marbled paper, Spanish moiré on Turkish with Gold vein pattern. Vintage c.