the red background can be taken to signify either  love or aggression, and i think the bold contrast really helps all of the elements to play off of each other well.

Graphic design inspiration

The poster comments on the subject (racism) in a non-direct way, trying to invoke the reader visually into the inevitable conclusion. It has multiple reads, that provoke critical thinking and raise awareness on the subject and its results globally.

Palomar restaurant | by Here

Soft pink and blue with navy, white and gold colour palette. Stunning design across all collateral! Corporate Design für Restaurant The Palomar / Goldprägung.

Very geometric layout - very effective use of two colours to create a poster. #editorial #cover #layout

25 Impressive Flyer Designs Inspiration - Very geometric layout - very effective use of two colours to create a poster.

La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun

La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun. Interesting fun summer project: what if flags were just a snap shot of the real art and the graphics continued outside the bounds of the crop box?

Love these patches and state parks. Designed by Caleb Heisey

Supporting State Parks Through Rad Design -

"Supporting State Parks through Rad Design," story featured on ModCloth. Flat badge designs by student Caleb Heisey.

Anyone who knows the 'Great Wave' by Katsushika Hokusai will appreciate this. What Panasonic has to do with it beats me.

Panasonic’s new advertisement for their new line of refrigerators with new technology vegetable crispers uses the famous Kanagawa wave by Hokusai Katsushika rendered in vegetables.

Cool Graphic Design, Sorry Color. #graphicdesign #poster []

For inspiration on your next design project, here is a collection of collection of geometric patterns in poster design. Which is your favorite geometric poster design?

Light blue color schemes, color combinations, color palettes for print (CMYK) and Web (RGB + HTML)

I like using the light blue color schemes for the enlightment of the women in this play. I just think it fits Arabian/Persian


Even when the rain comes, even when the flood starts rising, even when the storm comes.I am washed by the water [NeedToBreathe]


Abstract Composition using colour play by overlaying different coloured pencils image: By Ana Montiel

優れた紙面デザイン 日本語編 (表紙・フライヤー・レイアウト・チラシ)500枚位 - NAVER まとめ

What I like about this poster is that it has a good use of white space. And lots of food. The characters don't need to be overlapping what draws the eye, and let you continue reading it after pulling you in. Very simple graphic design.