Lovely Owl - This video of a baby owl being pet to so much delight, is so cute!


Little Bunny Baby Animals baby ducks! They are the cutest sweet softness baby animals

Who are you calling an ugly duckling? Wildlife photographer conjures up some animal magic

little mousie climbing a flower. I love how they curl their tails around things to hold on. - Daily Mega Cute photos from around the web :)

Flower mice

A couple of Cute Harvest Mice share a romantic moment with a Red Rose


はりねずみの「まる & ぽにょ」 on

There are more than 10 different species of hedgehog out there, and how long do hedgehogs live is dependent on that species. The smaller ones usually have a lifespan of around.

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Pupy Training Treats - Illustrator Lili Chin produced this wonderful explanation of her dogs body language. - How to train a puppy?

【面白画像】鳥かごに布をかけるのを忘れると、インコはこうやって寝ます。 光が目にはいらないよう、工夫して。ごめん。いま布かけるから。

山下哲 on

【面白画像】鳥かごに布をかけるのを忘れると、インコはこうやって寝ます。 光が目にはいらないよう、工夫して。ごめん。いま布かけるから。