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Tips for growing a biodiverse garden that supports your local ecosystem. Ideas include growing native plants to support wildlife including pollinators, and best…
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Collage of items that can be used to fill extra space in tall raised garden beds including organic matter like tree logs.
How to Fill Tall Raised Beds Without Wasting Soil
What is the best way to fill a tall raised bed or large planter without spending a lot of money? The secret is to put your best soil where you need it and fill the rest of the container with other harmless materials. There are plenty of natural, organic, and synthetic options.
Collage of garden scenes throughout the seasons
Year-At-a-Glance Garden Checklist (What To Get Done Each Season)
Follow along with this helpful garden job list to know what to get done month by month through each season. Includes tasks, tips, and tutorials for cold climate gardeners in the United States and Canada (hardiness zones 4 to 8).
Blue flowering bulbs growing instead of lawn
How to Naturalize Bulbs in Lawn For a Sea of Flowers
Turn a plain grass lawn into a sea of beautiful spring flowers by planting bulbs that gradually naturalize and multiply year after year. Choose early-flowering varieties to provide much-needed pollen and nectar as the weather begins to warm.
Collage showing asparagus crowns as they are shipped from the supplier and asparagus growing in the garden. How To Plant Asparagus, Planting Asparagus Crowns, Asparagus Patch, Asparagus Farm, Plant Asparagus, Propagation Tips, Cold Climate Gardening, Asparagus Plant, Growing Asparagus
How to Plant Asparagus Crowns
How to plant asparagus crowns for perennial harvests year after year.
Collage showing brick driveway after steaming weeds away and steam cleaning machine. Steam Machine, Backyard Seating Area, Garden Hacks, Backyard Seating, Garden Weeds, Steam Cleaner, Machine Video, Stone Pathway, Steam Cleaners
How to Remove Weeds with a Steam Machine (Video & Photos)
If you have stubborn weeds growing between bricks on a patio or a stone pathway, a steam machine is an alternative solution to applying herbicides or spending countless hours trying to pry the weeds out by hand.
Collage of different seed types that require scarification prior to sowing Selling Seeds, Starting Flowers From Seeds, How To Store Seeds, Cypress Vine, Raised Garden Beds Diy Vegetables, Asclepias Tuberosa, Squash Seeds, Garden Growing
How To Scarify Seeds Before Sowing For Better Germination Rates
If your seed packet says to nick, sand, or soak seeds before sowing, that’s scarification. Scarification methods may improve germination rates in seeds with tough seed coats.
Seedlings and trowel ready for transplanting Beginner Garden, Transplanting Plants, Identify Plant, Invasive Plants, Gardening 101, Plant Tags, Creative Gardening, Free Plants, Garden Tips
10 Smart Tips Gardeners Wish They'd Known Sooner
Seasoned gardeners have made these mistakes but you don’t have to. Follow the tips to prevent future problems and make the most of your garden time and budget.
Slugs and snails on garden plants Vegetables Garden, Slug Control, Slugs In Garden, Snails In Garden, Garden Netting, Hosta Gardens, Garden Bugs, Garden Pest Control, Eating Vegetables
Dealing With Slugs & Snails Without Harming Your Garden
Is there a way to stop slugs and snails from destroying plants without harming other animals or the environment? Let’s look at the pros and cons of beer traps, slug bait, copper wire, sharp eggshells, and more.
a house with lots of flowers in front of it
Tips For Transitioning Into Eco-Friendly Gardening — Empress of Dirt
Many of us started gardening before we ever understood the ecological impact of our choices. Little did we know how seemingly innocuous decisions like plant selections, soil amendments, or pest management can have very different outcomes, either helping or harming the environment. While one garden alone may not make a big impact, the cumulative effect of millions of us toiling away in our yards really adds up.
Collage of garden scenes including pinching zinnias, garden ladder, front porch, and burlap hayrack. Pinching Zinnias, Trees For Kids, Arizona Gardening, Patio Trees, Garden Planner, Garden Cushions, Garden Veggies
10 Unexpected Garden Tips to Save Time & Money
Save both time and money in your garden by following these smart and simple tips. These suggestions will help you avoid regrets and create the garden you want.
collage of garden and diagrams of full sun, part sun or shade, and shade. Nature, Edible Stem, Part Shade Plants, East Facing Garden, Flower Bed Designs, Plant Zones, Full Sun Plants, Sun Garden, Growing Veggies
Full Sun To Shade: How To Assess Light Conditions In Your Garden
When plant tags recommend full sun, part sun, part shade, or shade—what exactly does this mean? Use these tips to better understand light recommendations and how to assess the various light conditions in your garden for better planting decisions.
Close up of vegetables plants growing in the garden. Save Seeds, Planting Calendar, Broccoli Seeds, Plant Breeding, Grow Plants, Seed Saving, Seed Company, Organic Seeds
Seed Types 101: Heirloom v Hybrid v Open-Pollinated — Empress of Dirt
Understanding seed types will help you select the right seeds for your garden. Find out the differences between heirloom, hybrid, and open-pollinated seeds.
Collage showing birds and their nesting boxes Homestead Inspiration, Backyard Birds Watching, Bird Nesting Box, Backyard Birds Sanctuary, Bird Feeder Plans, Family Homestead, Diy Garden Trellis, Bird House Plans, Box Building
Free Nesting Box Building Plans for Wild Birds — Empress of Dirt
Nesting boxes, or birdhouses as they are often called, provide shelter for mated birds to raise their offspring. But, it’s not one size fits all: each bird species has different housing needs. Check out the plans provided here and build to suit your favorite backyard birds.
Collage of seed packets, clock, and newly sprouting seedlings. Saving Seeds, Planter Project, Cooking Range, Allotment Gardening, Sprouting Seeds, Garden Vegetables, Seed Germination
How to Make Seeds Germinate Faster
Want your seeds to sprout faster? Have a look at the creative ways home gardeners make use of household items like heating pads and Instant Pots to help speed up sprouting and increase germination rates.
Collage of exterior and interior of lean-to greenhouse Best Greenhouse Design, Small Greenhouse Vegetable Garden, Green House Hang Out, Diy Shed Greenhouse, Turning Shed Into Greenhouse, Greenhouse Container Gardening, Greenhouse For Cold Climates, Converting Shed To Greenhouse, Unheated Greenhouse Growing
Unheated Greenhouses: What to Expect & Creative Uses — Empress of Dirt
While home greenhouses have many uses, gardeners often have unrealistic expectations about how adequately they can extend the seasons without supplemental heating and cooling.