MOON ROCK by Yellow Submarine Director George Dunning

MOON ROCK by George Dunning - trippy, alien-filled animation by the director of Yellow Submarine

田名網敬一 作品集/COLORFUL from 1960~1974

田名網敬一 作品集/COLORFUL from 1960~1974

George Dunning - Damon the Mower - YouTube

George Dunning - Damon the Mower

From "Moon Rock" (1970) dir. George Dunning

The career of director George Dunning will always be summed up with two words: Yellow Submarine.

George Dunning (?)

Heinz Edelmann’s artwork for The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” included this sequence that accompanied the song “Nowhere Man.

Magical Mystery Psych Out, Tribute to the Beatles vinyl – Packaging – 2015

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