I can't enough of Maru!!

Internet famous Maru the cat loves boxes. Here's an experiment to see just how small of a box he will get into.

Someday I'm going to Japan to steal Maru.

I love funny cat videos and I just saw a program about cats that said that this cat, Maru, was the most watched cat in the world!

"Cats are cute.  Cats in boxes are even cuter.  Cats are aware of this and make the most of it." --Anonymous

Maru Is A Robot Now

So, the new thing that everybody should know about is that Maru the cat dressed up as a robot by getting inside a box-body for himself. Because that is just the kind of cat that he is. We salute you, Robot Maru, you unfettered genius.


OK, but when your kitty raincoat business gets off the ground, I want of the

Maru climbs up the ladder. And I die of cuteness overload.

my cat climbed the ladder when I was painting my living room then sat on the shelf attached to the ladder.

Maru's Cat, Hana

The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2013

*Maru’s Cat, Hana. Maru, you unfettered genius. Who else but a cat of with your beautiful mind would think to get a cat of your own? Have I ever mentioned that you are my everything?

Maru has a toy.

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Maru <3

" I can play and dust the floor at the same time !