Stories Collective / Sunday Afternoon

Stories Collective / Sunday Afternoon / Photography Sophie Mayanne / Styling Hollie Clark Make Up Ksenia Galina / Hair Shiori Takahashi / Model Eliza Franks at Milk / Design Iordanis Passas

мы можем сделать так, чтобы одновременно было две картинки ?

Stories Collective / Perfect Blue / Photography Lucie Hungary / Styling Stefanie del Papa / Make Up Virginia le Fay / Hair Heather Blaine / Model Jessica Elek / Design Johanna Bonnevier

Edible gold leaf packages | decorations for Japanese food or floats in drinks, especially for wedding ceremonies 折形デザイン研究所 | 商品 / 寿ぎの金箔

This envelope packing is using tracing paper as materials just like my small square book design. Because of tracing paper you can look through the beautiful postcard inside the envelope. A clever idea.

Characters & Personalities - Introspection - 10

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Stories Collective / Meet the Designer Layuhl Jang Photography Alberto Moreu…

Stories Collective / Meet the Designer Layuhl Jang Photography Alberto Moreu / Styling Federica Rita / Make Up Fabio D'Onofrio / Model Martina Troni at Woman / Designer Johanna Bonnevier

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Poster by Design Army, inspired by Wes Anderson | Georgetown Optician_2

Wes Anderson Meets the Addams Family in Beautifully Crazy Ad for an Optician


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