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見上げるなら、夜の星じゃなくて、昼の雲の方が笑顔になれる確率 の画像|‥確率論的ひとりごと

見上げるなら、夜の星じゃなくて、昼の雲の方が笑顔になれる確率 の画像|‥確率論的ひとりごと


In a rare series of images by Canadian photographer Dennis Fast, these white giants are seen frolicking in a field of fireweed. The photos were taken in Northern Canada’s Hudson Bay, near lodges run by Churchill Wild in Manitoba.

虹色の飛行機雲。 彩雲をくぐったその飛行機は、五色の雲をひいて飛んでゆきました。 (山梨県忍野村...

"Japanese photographer KAGAYA captured a perfectly timed photograph of a rainbow contrail behind a plane. KAGAYA caught the plane at just the right time and with just the right conditions to capture the rainbow in the contrail’s water droplets.


Anxiety and fear give way to joy and awe when we tune into scenes of the natural world, finds a study commissioned by BBC, makers of "Planet Earth II.