Ikebana – Toshiro Kawase

Ikebana by Toshiro Kawase incredible ikebana its amazing if you take 3 classes it will change the way you do flowers unless your british in which case, stick with the wild heather hanging thing, but this is such a beautiful art form i learned and im ok at

Ikebana - Naoki Sasaki, Japan

Ikebana - a disciplined art form. The arrangement is a living thing where nature and humanity are brought together. It is steeped in the philosophy of developing a closeness with nature. Focused on harmony, color use, rhythm, and elegantly simple design.

greens bonsai ikebana

An earthenware pair of Japanese vases featuring vintage flower patterns. Makes a charming housewarming gift or a lovely addition for the vintage pottery and ceramics collector.


Ikebana - love the word, Japanese flower arranging, performed in silence, a spiritual creation. My Aunt Dot perfected such display (not in silence that I remember) but with great talent.


Chabana (literally "tea flower") is the simple style of flower arrangement used in tea ceremony. Chabana has its roots in ikebana, an older style of Japanese flower arranging, which itself has roots in Shinto and Buddhism.