Japanese Kimono Tsujigahana #furisode

japanese kimono, any one know about it and adore about it. Kimono itself has all of Japanese 's beauty, essence, secret ,

Traditional Japanese Kimono

[Costumer] long-sleeved kimono rental 271 on black purple flower sink [wedding] [graduation ceremony] [full set] [rental] [long-sleeved kimono costume rental] [furisode]

Traditional Japanese Kimono- I'm taking a fashion design course and I'm studying things as traditional items in Japan to apply it during lessons

Japanese KIMONO for wedding


ハツコ エンドウ ウェディングス(Hatsuko Endo Weddings) 銀座店


Lovely Blue Hikifurisode with Colorful Iris Print with Contrasting Orange and Green Obi