This really needs the character Victor Meldrew saying "I don't believe it" from the BBC comedy show One Foot in the Grave.

Have you met Norbert? Give him a high-five! He's a registered therapy dog, philanthropist & picture book author. via Norbert


Please Lord let the Girl who Now walks the dog, receive Divine inspiration and just keep it up for many, many days.



Beyond The Backpack 🌐 ( : "The Japanese Macaque monkeys are a fascinating group. Of all the nonhuman primates, they live in…"


"Because dinner has been already given to 3 cats, don't be tricked.

flat battery shiba-inu

I am tired, let me have a rest. or just hold me go home.


WEBSTA @ blackjaguarwhitetiger - Pretty girls don't need makeup :)Las niñas bonitas no necesitan maquillaje :)

西沢5㍉(@wanwangomigomi)さん | Twitterがいいねしたツイート

西沢5㍉(@wanwangomigomi)さん | Twitterがいいねしたツイート


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