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Takeshi Miyahara

Takeshi Miyahara
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Full screen with good speakers or headphone for best experience. Hand : " The terminal part of the human arm located below the…

Artist: Javier Arizabalo {contemporary #hyperreal male hand photorealism fist painting}

tahnospanties: “ jiji-is-a-bunny: “ the-negative-space: “ Yes, I had to look twice and then for a third time. pulmonaire: “ Hand Paintings by Javier Arizabalo ” ” …. These are PAINTINGS?

Japanese Needle Pine

Dan Barton: “Scots pine grown from seed planted through a hole in a stone in The tree expanded so much that it eventually split the rock. Planted in a Dansai pot and now in the collection of Marco Invernizzi, Italy.

Colored Pencil - Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez

Are you ready for some more mind-blowing photorealistic art? These images aren’t photographs, they’re awesome coloured pencil drawings and they’re the work of Madrid-based artist Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez.

Stunning Hyper-Realistic Eyes Created Using Colored Pencils - My Modern Metropolis

Texas-based artist Jose Vergara (a. Redosking), a self-described “graffiti artist with a Medieval heart,” brings colored pencil art to a higher level. The artist uses them to create impressively realistic drawings.