How Corporate Logos Evolve - What a great walk down memory lane.  How many of these versions do you remember over the years?  Sadly I am getting older ... as I remember quite a few of them!

La evolución de algunos logotipos #infografia #infographic #design #marketing

How Corporate Logos Evolve infographic. This shows how recognizable logos have evolved over time. Logos like Shell and BMW have remained pretty much the same. Brands like Xerox, Pepsi, and IBM have modernized their corporate logos.


Logo inspiration from Japan // includes Japanese characters, Hiragana + Roman letters 日本語ロゴ!

Bluerock Design Logos on Behance

Bluerock Design Logos by Bluerock Design (faves are Elephant in the Kitchen, Honeysuckle FArm & John Dolan)

The Barbershop by Vizinno , via Behance

The Barbershop is a non-profit project made just for fun. It was inspired in traditional barbershops found in the US.

Mareiner Holz - corporate identity & design by moodley brand identity , via Behance

Gorgeous branding identity: Mareiner Holz - corporate identity design by moodley brand identity , via Behance

Stomo Brand Design by Modisana Hlomuka, via Behance

Brand development for a cloud storage service called stomo (store more) available currently for the Android market

Logotypes Pack Vol.1 by Romain Roger, via Behance

Branding changes everyday, every hour.Designers and agencies have to re-invent brands and products in a society where people interacts with them.Here, you can find 30 logotypes, created for brands who love consumers who love brands.

Platige Image Rebranding by Platige Image , via Behance

After 15 years we decided to change the logo and comprehensively overhaul the Platige brand. The new logo, new website, and new visual identity serve as the pillars of the company's image, tying together the company's future development plans.