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Visual unity is when a group of elements are all aligned to a common axis. These Nike ads all have visual unity. A common axis and a splash of color is something all these ads share.

Action, Sports, Adrenaline fueled imagery, Dynamic poses split layouts.

This design makes the whole scene intense and gives it a motivational vibe. I would not change anything because it uses great colors to bring out everything. I would not change anything.

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These intense images call for an accent of a neon color to add to the strong nature of the site. The silhouetted images make the figures look as though they are about to jump off the page.

Cheveux blancs

I'm more of a purple haunted warrior than I am worried survivor suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Be you doomed to complete the Olympic task fear not, my heart is always looking back.

Les sports d'hiver en montagne

Check out this infographic that has some really fun facts about Winter Sports like this one: the Olympic Sport of Curling is name for the “curling” motion of the stone used in the sport.

Rio 2016 in-house team – Olympic Pictograms for Rio 2016

Olympic pictograms - a barometer of corporate brand identity - Truly Deeply - Brand Agency Melbourne