The Royal Line of Numenor by on @deviantART

The Royal Line of Numenor by enanoakd Another edition with the genealogy of the Royal Line of Númenor across all the Second Age of the Sun, from Elros, Tar-Minyatur to the founda.

The Gates into the Mines of Moria. Delving of the Dwarves. Ran under and ultimately through the Misty Mountains.

The Hobbit -the hidden gate to Moria- the Door of Durin. The clue to password to having the gate open "Speak Friend and Enter".

3D-printed wear

iris van herpen printing The end of the world is not the end of couture. Dutch designer Iris van Herpen merges printer technology with high-end fashion for a postapocalyptic result.

Windows 8

Windows 8 represent an essential renovate for the company as it attempt to imprison the tablet marketplace as well as nourish its customary PC cash-cow.

Fiber-optic cables for internet underneath the ocean

MAPPING THE INTERNET - If the Internet is a global phenomenon, it's because there are fiber-optic cables underneath the ocean. Light goes in on one shore and comes out the o

A touchscreen with keys that rise and disappear

A touchscreen with keys that rise and disappear

Tactus morphing tactile touchscreen The microfluid touchscreen technology developed by Tactus lets tactile keypads appear and disappear as needed.

Posters for London Olympics 2012

12 posters - the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"Sakura-nabe", a hot-pot of horse meat

"Sakura-nabe", a hot-pot of horse meat which seems to be famous and popular at Kumamoto in Japan.

Invitation to iPad event

Apple Sends Invites to March 7 iPad Event

Apple has sent out invitations for the iPad 3 event, and rumors were correct, it will be on Wednesday, March The event is being held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at …

Art HK: The Hong Kong International Art Fair

Hong Kong: The Next Global Art Powerhouse

Daniel Buren, 'Photo-souvenir From Three Windows, 5 Colours for 252 Places, Work in Situ'

Flying monk performed in Paris by a Chinese modern artist

In this March 2012 file photo, suspended by wires, Chinese artist Li Wei performs in the sky at La Villette in Paris. Wei’s work often depicts him in apparently gravity-defying situations. (Photo by Francois Mori/AP Photo)

Hayabusa 2

Hayabusa primary scientific objective is to collect a surface, and possible sub-surface, sample of materials from asteroid 1999

(4/4) Japan's new commemorative coin, minted for revival after the Earthquake disaster

Japan's new commemorative coin, minted for revival after the Earthquake disaster