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1503, Ritratto di giovane donna / Portrait of young woman | Christian Tagliavini

Christian Tagliavini photographs historic like photos with different methods sometimes even cardboard cutouts. This one is from the 1503 series titled "Ritratto di giovane donna".

Christian tagliavini

Available for sale from CAMERA WORK, Christian Tagliavini, 1503 / Lucrezia Laserchrome Print, 160 × 128 cm

Christian Tagliavini, inspired by Renaissance masters, notably Agnolo di Cosimo, took 13 months to create each paper costume item from patterning to the final construction.

“ 1503 – The Renaissance portraits recreated by photographer Christian TagliaviniThe 1503 project by photographer and artist Christian Tagliavini, based between Switzerland and Italy,.

dame di cartone - christian tagliavini

Dame di Cartone (“Cardboard Ladies”) is a project by Swiss-Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini in which he creates portraits of women that mimic the look of historical paintings. The styles include century, fifties, and cubism.

These Renaissance nine portraits are parts of photo project called “1503″ created by by Swiss/Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini.

Renaissance Portraits by Christian Tagliavini

Photographer Christian Tagliavini - 'Donna Clotilde' from his 2010 1503 series. Subjects were dressed in handcrafted paper costumes.

Renaissance portrait by Christian Tagliavini.

Renaissance Portraits by Christian Tagliavini

Christian Taglianvini Swiss Italian) 1503 series, Ritratto do signora in verde/ Portrait of a Lady in green.

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