Advertisements 1900-1920

A Selection of Advertisements - Most from magazines and newspapers; some from postcards and trade cards, billboards, and signs. | Auto ads are on the Vehicles 1900-1920 board. | Some ads pre-date 1900, but the product was available in 1900.
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CURE: An advert from 1912 claiming to offer treatment for female diseases and piles, which consisted mainly of cocoa butter

Curing with cocaine: The bizarre Victorian drug-laden 'remedies' for coughs, cancer and liver disease

HEALTH ADVISORY: TB or  'consumption' as it was known

Tuberculosis Don T Kiss Me! : Your Kiss Of Affection - The Germ Of Infection / Jd. clip art --- living a call center life.

FOOD: Indian Belle Grapefruit (1916)

Indian Belle Brand Fancy Washington Navels (Oranges) 1920 - Boydston Bros Citrus Fruits - Porterville, CA

CURE: Are You Sure Grandpa Never Took Heroin? You May Be Surprised ...

For Headache and Exhaustion drink Coca Cola . named for its medicinal ingredients, the coca leaf & the kola nut. both of which are mild stimulants . Coca is also a known pain reliever & settles the stomach.

1920 Ad Winston-Salem North Carolina Cigarettes Camel Smoking Products SCA3

This is a rare original 1920 black and white print ad for the Camel Turkish and Domestic Blend Cigarettes from R. Reynolds Tobacco Company located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

SOOTHING AID: In the 19th century, as many as 75% of middle-class women were estimated to suffer from hysteria, but luckily medical science was there to help.

SOOTHING AID: In the century, as many as of middle-class women were estimated to suffer from hysteria, but luckily medical science was there to help.

PAIN KILLER: Advertisement for Antikamnia, an early predecessor of acetaminophen, from 1908. Via/ Wiki Commons  The face couldn’t be more recognizable to most of us. The MAD Magazine kid has features that are unmistakeable- missing tooth, uneven eyes, and an expression that implies mischief. But, this wacky image has a history that extends far beyond the humor magazine

Sam Sweet on MAD Magazine's venerable mascot, who turns sixty this year—kind of. Alfred E. Neuman has a strange and storied past.

CURE: Dyspepsia, Low Spirits, Nervousness, Heartburn, Colic Pains, Wind in the Stomach or Pains in the Bowels, Headache, Drowsiness, Kidney and Liver Complaints, Melancholy, Delirium Tremens, and Intemperance.  WOW!  Everyone needs this stuff!!!

Ham's Aromatic Invigorator A "cure for Dyspepsia, Low Spirits, Nervousness…