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300 ton crankshaft from the most powerful and largest diesel engine in the world.The Wärtsilä-Sulzer two-stroke diesel straight cylinders, engine speed revolutions per minute, Horsepower=

V4 Two Stroke - 200HP - 129kg - 330km/h - Price ex works SRT (Switzerland) 156'000 CHF excl. VAT - 30% downpayment by order confirmati...

Two Stroke - - - - Price ex works SRT (Switzerland) CHF excl. VAT - downpayment by order confirmati.

Weighs 2300 tons Length 89 feet Height 44 feet 108,920 HP @ 102 RPM Toruqe 5,608,312 ft/lb @ 102 RPM

The most fuel-efficient diesel engine in the world, the Wärtsilä converts of f.

Riko Fast Tow Trailer ...

So I've started work on mounting a hiab to a trailer. I've successfully mounted the crane and put it to test.