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Simple Cardio and Weight Lifting Routine

Workout Splits

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🌱 on Instagram: "Lower Body Staples 🔥 Bulk szn over in a month, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready for this to be over 😂 but we’re still gonna grind it out!! • • Workout + Meal Guides available at urbvnfit.com or click the link in bio 💕 • • • • • • • • #fitness #fittips #fitnessmotivation #legday #fitjourney #gymmotivation #fitspo #fitnessinspo #legdayworkout #gymmotivation #workouttips #gains #legworkout #workoutsforwomen #dumbbellworkout #dumbbells #workoutvideos #workoutroutine #workou

Dec 22

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Diamond. on Instagram: "DUMBBELL FULL BODY WORKOUT‼️ Have you out in less than an hour. 4 sets of 15 each I’m using 25s & 15s. SAVE & SHARE Leggings and Sweater : @shoppherfectfit"

Full Body / HIIT / Cardio

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The Tib Bar Guy on Instagram: "ATG SPLIT SQUAT is 🔑 for knee health! Take your time with this move! I’ve been working at it for a year and still have room for improvement! Never work through pain. Don’t rush the process. Chase perfect form! And over time you can get insanely healthy knees!! Use code overthehill10 at checkout to save 10% off the slant stack!! #kneepain #kneepainrelief #kneerehab #kneehealth #kneesovertoes #kneesovertoesguy #athletictruthgroup #overthehillhooper"
CHASITY | ONLINE FITNESS COACH on Instagram: "at home, at the gym, honestly where ever you are, this leg day routine is going to murder you! Grab yourself a heavy set dumbbell pairs and a medium pair. Hip Thrust then Kas Bridge with a 10 second hold. Sumo Squats to body weight sumo Elevated Goblet Squats (use your small size weights to step on) DB RDL Reverse to Front lunges This is straight from my @HOME customize program leg day edition! Link in bio to sign up for my 1:1 online coac
Squat University on Instagram: "The kettlebell weight shift is one of my favorite hip openers. Here’s an example today of how it was a helpful tool for @samokunola as he recovered from his knee pain. . Shout out @doc_willy_ for prescribing these to @lilytofel (opening stitched video) & @muscleandmotion for the awesome anatomy graphics used today."

Lower Body

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Adriell Mayes KETTLEBELL TRAINING on Instagram: "Strong but not for long ? Mobility training doesn’t make you soft I can still lift heavy with the best of them I just want to be able to do it for the rest of my life not just while I’m young. Your body is designed to move, and efficient movement involves numerous muscles and joints working together simultaneously So I pick exercise that have numerous muscles working together to produce efficient movement patterns. Ways to prep the body for
Back Pain Relief on Instagram: "Full body joint mobility routine 👁🕺🏼 and benefits of doing so!! (This vid is 4X speed!) Find ranges that work for your body.. and be consistent for best results 🙏🏼 Save and share with a friend :) . If you are tired of many of these trial-and-error methods and want something that can give you long-term relief, then you are in luck today. I am going to share a natural and effective treatment method that will bring joy back into your life and give you a second c
Sarah White | Yoga Teacher Trainer on Instagram: "Warrior 3 vibes! 💪🏼 Be honest, was you expecting something a little more “crazy?”🤪 It may look simple but like all the movement in my sequences - IT SERVES A PURPOSE! 🙌🏼 So let’s break down as to why this is “the chosen one ⚡️” 🔹 Pulsing between the active half split and charged lunge does two things! 1️⃣ It engages all the muscles needed for the balance in the warrior as well as prepares the feet, shifting back and forth between the too al

Stretching / Mobility

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mohamed ahmed on Instagram: "💥Core stability💥 📚 The core is the group of trunk and hip muscles that surround the spine, abdominal viscera and hip. Core muscles are essential for proper load balance within the spine, pelvis, and kinetic chain. . ✅ The core does not function to flex and extend the spine It functions to RESIST motion of the spine. . 💯 The importance of the core relate to its function ie sparing the spine from excessive load and transfer force from the lower body to the upper bo
Online Coach | Melissa Capp🇨🇦 on Instagram: "Tight shoulders? Stiff neck? Come take a stretch break with me or save for later 🤍 Most of us sit waaaay to much. Not to be dramatic but did you know sitting for too long can kill you? 🤔 (Ok, I wanted to be a little dramatic) But it’s true! Theres a direct relationship between the time spent sitting and risk of early mortality of any cause. When we sit for too long two main areas get tight and stiff. 1. The thoracic spine (upper back) 2. The hi
Denajha Meloniece, CPT, PPSC on Instagram: "Train with me on my coaching app for more ab routines, coaching tips, & customized meal plans to build a lean & defined core like this 💦 Whew y’all, my current fave abs routine this month has been these moves on the decline bench 🥵 We all know abs are made in the kitchen and cannot be achieved my solely training them. But — if you carry a body fat % that is less than 20% chances are, you have a lean foundation that is equipped to showcase a sexy lil


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30-Day Squat Challenge: One Month to a Better Butt  If it's the year of the booty (thanks, Iggy and J.Lo), summer is its climax. That's why, for the month of July, we've put together the ultimate 30-day squat challenge, featuring 12 squats that tighten and tone. Master a different squat or increase your reps each day, and we'll have you covered where your teeny bikini doesn't.
Perfect Abs 30 Day Challenge - Ein Monat Training, um Bauchfett zu schmelzen und... - Estella K. #abs #Bauchfett #Challenge #Day #Ein #Monat #perfect #Schmelzen #Training #und

Plans and Challenges

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Deanna O’Donnell on Instagram: "📌HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST PULL UP Learn how to get your first pull up with these 5 exercises - 🦋Dead hangs - 3 sets: 8-10 sec. hold 🦋Scapular pull ups - 3x12 reps 🦋Negatives 3x6-8 reps (3-5sec. negative) 🦋Banded/assisted pull ups 3x8-10 reps 🦋Inverted rows 3x12 reps Wearing @tlfapparel | code: TLF-DEANNAO Fueled by @legion | code: Deanna ✨ ••• #pullups #pullupsworkout #gymtips #workouttips #gymmotivation #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift #gymgirls #instafit #
Weight loss & Healthy lifestyle Expert🇨🇲 on Instagram: "🔥Bye Bye Bra-Bulge/Back fat🔥 These resistance training exercises work to strengthen your back muscles, which will not only change their appearance but also help to lower the risk of injury. Losing fat typically requires a combo of eating healthy, working out regularly, and reducing calories. Doing exercises that build muscle in your upper and lower back can also tone up your back muscles. 👉🏾Aim for 12-15 reps and three sets of each! P
BRITT 🌿 HEALTH & WELLNESS COACH on Instagram: "Ladies if you struggle with under arm jiggle aka bat wings or bra bulge try out this circuit. 💪🏾 If you are someone who doesn’t like to lift heavy weights for upper body this workouts is right up your alley. All you need are light weights about 5-10lbs. 💪🏾 12-15 reps each exercise for 4 sets. As a reminder left,right = 1 rep for exercises like punches."

Upper Body

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迪 pin: @deetrillz| sc: @dobriin| ig: dobriin_
With the help of purgatory can be cleaned only smaller part of the colon 40 – 50 cm, and the treatment for flushing the intestine with the help of special equipment is expensive, protracted, and it is harmless for the intestinal microflora.

Body Hacks

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This 10 Minute Morning Routine Will Transform Your Day

Peace of Mind

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Nova Sweat - Punch – TSLCollection
MYLA - Tahiti Bra | STONE


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