Stranger & Stranger

Stranger & Stranger Christmas 2011

Josip Kelava - Coco Vodka is a very smooth and clean spirit which made in the high lands of Netherlands. It is made using the pure waters from the Vaalserberg and is distilled six times from “non-genetically modified” European wheat.


The Dieline Awards 2011: Third Place - Rochdale Cider

nice. ;)


I really like this packaging design for it's creative use of the "C" and "i" in "Cider" to create a winky face. The choice of text really emphasizes this effect and makes the face appear both animated and playful.

Chef Salts

These salts are crazy expensive & worth every dime! I buy it online by the tub & use a special fine salt grinder to meter it out like gold. It's astonishing the difference they make in recipes.

Fruit and juice packaging

Fruita Blanch is a family business with a long tradition. Generation after generation, Fruita Blanch has grown fruit and produced their own jam, preserved products and organic juices


Harvey Milk Wine "I have tasted freedom. I have a lot more to drink." - Harvey Milk Designed by Emily Hale, a student at Pratt Institute.

Crown Maple Syrup

Crown Maple Syrup started by accident. What was supposed to be a horse and hobby farm turned out to be some of the best Maple forestland in North America. One dream was birthed out of another, Crown Maple Syrup was founded, and the rest is history.