Be strong but not rude; be kind but not weak;be bold but not a bully; be humble but not timid, and be proud but not arrogant. more at Motivation Live

you've got better things to do!

"♥ something I am working on. Focusing on the ones who actually want to be a part of my life and letting go of the ones who don't. Pinner // Right on point, I'd say. // "Stop worrying about people that aren't worried about you.

自信って、自分との約束を 守った量のこと。自信が出る名言。

自信って、自分との約束を 守った量のこと。自信が出る名言。


辛い時こそジーンと来る25の名言 – CuRAZY [クレイジー]

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "Plot twist!" and move on. I'm gonna have to yell plot twist a few times a day then

*Thrill Seekers. #hawaiirehab

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I love the smell of possibility in the morning. Second only to the smell of tea (used to be coffee but tastes changed and it's okay) .

Do What You Love And You'll Never Work A Day In Your Life -

Do What you Love and You'll never Work a Day In Your Life Going Green: Our Army Adventure, Occupational Social

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Be Honest. Count Your Blessings. Bear each others Burdens. Forgive and Forget. Be Kind & Tender Hearted. Comfort on Another. Keep Your Promises. Be Proud of Each Other. Be True to Each Other. Look After Each Other. Love One Another.