And nail

I'm a fan of the gold for near the nail base. Not a fan the entire kaki nail…

★ブライダルフレンチ★の画像 | ★白川麻里★神戸☆ネイルサロンAND...NAIL(アンドネイル)M…

This nail selection that you will see here is prodigious and will help you to enhance and complete your entire look. I have made a collection of Top 44 Crystal Nails That Will Make You Look Trendy And Stylish, Enjoy in photos!


Ombre nails

I am loving these nail polish colors from Chanel! gradation nail taupe shades of lacquers, chocolate manicure


オールシーズン/パーティー/デート/ハンド/シンプル - calm_roomのネイルデザイン[No.1551239]|ネイルブック