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"With not just objects, but reflections of self."
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a quote from anais nin, the diary of anais nin
15 Book Quotes That Perfectly Describe Friendship
A tremendous thing.
a display case filled with lots of different types of plants and wooden boxes on the wall
This restaurant in Kiev is keeping it casual and natural
Cutting board wall
four different pictures of animals on an old book with black and white paper cut outs
La Factoría Shop
These would be so easy to make - piece of wood painted black, glue old book page on top, then trace outline of animals (or anything really) and paint.
a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall
42 DIY Fall Decor Ideas for a Festive Autumn Home
Book Wall Art - Cut a piece of backing board into a rectangle 1 to 2 inches smaller than the back of your opened book; hot-glue to book. Now it's time to get creative! Have fun folding your book pages in whatever way you like best; we recommend dividing the book into even sections for a symmetrical look. We hung nine books in rows of three by securing them with brads hammered into the corners of each book.
three images show different stages of growing plants
Circular Framed Planters Add Living Art to Your Walls — Colossal
Circular Framed Planters Add Living Art to Your Walls
an old poster advertising gold saucer at the fairground with fireworks in the background
"Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer Travel Poster" Poster for Sale by TheRetroVGers
Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer Travel Poster by TheRetroVGers
an old movie poster with the title enceladus on it's side
Visions of the Future
Enceladus - JPL Travel Poster
there are four different types of books on the shelf and one is holding a pen
Invisible Book Shelf
Book book shelf.
a living room filled with furniture and wooden slats on the wall behind it is a white chair
three metal frames with trees in them on a white surface and one is hanging from the wall
12 Ways To Use Branches In Your Home Decor | DIY Cozy Home
a tree branch with shelves attached to it in front of a wall mounted book shelf
Tree Bookshelf
Tree Bookshelf
a dining room table with four pictures on the wall above it and a chandelier
20 Magical Wall Art Inspiration and Ideas for Your Home
20 Magical Wall Art Inspiration and Ideas for Your Home
an acoustic guitar is laying on the floor
an image of two birds that are talking to each other with speech bubbles above them
Amazon.com: Hiway Set of 3 Nessie Ladles: Kitchen & Dining