Japan's Nakasendo Walk | Kyoto-Tokyo. The town Narai-juku is located in Shiojiri city along Nakasen-do (ancient central mountain rout), Nagano prefecture, Japan. 奈良井宿 中山道

Japan’s Nakasendo Walk. Photography by Kevin Kelly. The Nakasendo is an old road in Japan that connects Kyoto to Tokyo - it was once a major foot highway. I want to back pack Tokyo to Kyoto make it happen!

calle japonesa

Omoide Yokochō or Memory Lane is located on the western side of Shinjuku Station. This is a small laneway lined with small yakitori bars, Tokyo, Japan (📷 Michael Shea)

Cherry Blossom, Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

The most interesting Japanese spring festivals: Higashiyama hanami - Higashiyama District, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Bento Map | Bento&Co Blog

"Make your BENTO in KYOTO" map from Yum Yum traveling magazine. We eat times daily, so meals are a crucial part of tourism.

Every year my mother and I travel to Japan, first she visits her friend who lives there and then...

TRAVEL: A QUICK GUIDE TO KYOTO (a pair & a spare)

Every year I travel to Japan, first Tokio then Kyoto - get an impression of the most beautiful culture & town!

Osaka City at Night, Japan

Osaka City at Night, Japan. This street is especially enhanced by the lights of the signs, creating reflections in the water.