DIY kitchen storage solutions can totally transform your kitchen if done right! Storing baking pans and sheets vertically versus stacking them is like the difference between filing and piling paper. They're so much easier to access when stored vertically, so if you have a lot of baking pans, try this hack.

These Cabinet Hacks Seriously Increased My Kitchen Storage

10 Tiny Organizing Tasks You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less — (Organize Thyself (note to self: adjustable spaces for sheet pans, etc)

Scotland  The littlest things can remind you of a place. I just added some loch-y ferns to my new, old kitchen made by master blacksmith Saul. As I am part-gypsy, there is no need for stoves & ovens in my kitchen. I work with a cast iron burner and it caters for all my needs. Don’t feel like your rooms have to have all the mod cons – install only what you’ll use and suits your lifestyle.

Sibella Court’s Gypsy style

I absolutely love the clutter of this living space.and the farm sink is gorgeous. Gypsy by Sibella Court


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{w} Nice shelf, but need to close it somehow, may be a pair of extra-wide sliding doors (with see-through/translucent materials) to preserve its openness.

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aros: by Alec Hemer total kitchen love- boho chic! Open shelving, hanging pot rack- all heavenly with raw wood and grey walls

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