Dean Martin on a Honda Motorcycle

**~Dean Martin on a Honda Motorcycle Sun & Fun Motorsports 155 Escort LN, Iowa City, Iowa

Streetcub honda c90

I love the BEEFY tires on it. I think it must have custom rims that are wider then too.

theswinginsixties:    ‘Holidays are Honda Days’…  1963 Honda motorcycle advertisement.

Oh look dearest, it's ugly red riding scoot. theswinginsixties: ‘Holidays are Honda Days’… 1963 Honda motorcycle advertisement.

1982 Honda ATC 250R.  In 1983 this got a make-over these were still fast and great for flat track.  Photo Courtesy of Vintage Factory ATC Racer

1982 Honda ATC being pitched sideways by the legendary Dean Sundahl.I still remember getting my first copy of Dirt Wheels magazine and reading about this awesome racing machine!


Black Honda cafe racer vintage clown bank Honda CB The only therapist we need: an open road and a motorcycle!