Terra+ from this site: http://www.zerochan.net/109863#full but the link is dead :(

this is my request mina san! i hardly imagine myself doing something like that but ill give it a try too. please participate

ルーネミニSK[1398](青、WH) | From Atelier Boz, Osaka.

Clothes by Atelier Boz. I adore the black and blue skirt! It'd be amazing for a Pirate Lolita outfit.

大人女子のバイブルに♥スタイリスト菊池京子さんの”K.Kクローゼットの置きコーデ”って? | SELECTY

大人女子のバイブルに♥スタイリスト菊池京子さんの”K.Kクローゼットの置きコーデ”って? | SELECTY

[Envelope Online Shop] Michaela Lisette dress

Linen in the Winter - Jacket / Dress [Envelope Online Shop] Michaela Lisette dress:



Kyoko Kikuchi's Closet

Have a similar pair of shoes and would love more outfits/ideas to go with!