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Friends of a feather

Alpaca and friend. via Libby VanBuskirk, author of "Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu: Folk Tales and Stories about Inca Life." There is a lot in the book about inca people's weaving and its meaning in their life.aka alpaca, now my favorite animal

Mongolian Eagle Hunter. Falconry developed in Central Asia and for centuries, Kazakh men hunted from horseback with trained golden eagles, the largest and most powerful of raptors.

Kazakh Nomad In Mongolia ~ Kazakh people living in Mongolia near Bayan-Olgii use Golden Eagles to hunt wild sheep, foxes and wolves, and get together once a year in October to show off and compete.

The Best Humans, Before Technology | Spirit Science

Over three years, photographer Jimmy Nelson travelled the world, ‘visiting more than 35 groups, tribes and people of indigenous cultures’ to create his incredible photo series, 'Before They Pass Away'.