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隠居窯BLOG: 三井記念美術館「国宝"卯花墻"と桃山の名陶」に行ってきました

鼠志野檜垣文茶碗 -- My Absolute All Time Favorite Bowl. I saw it in reality at the Mitsui Memorial Museum two years ago, at an exhibition of Momoyama tea bowls and other tea ceremony utensils and I am so glad to have found a photo of it online.

Yee Sookyung. Tiles assembled with 14k gold

Amazing concept by Yee Sookyung "Each broken piece operates as a self forming into an infinite proliferation toward as unexpected fabrication–fictitious loquacity and stuttering discards from standard conventional masterpieces.

Ногти дизайн 2018 фото

Ногти дизайн 2018 фото