The Floyd Leg - Clamp-on legs (available in 5 colors) works with material up to 2" thick.

This would be a great idea for those times i need the large cutting table for those incredibly big projects aka backdrops and wedding formals. Floyd Leg - clamp-on legs (available in 5 colors) works with material up to thick.

artisan // Kaper Design; Restaurant & Hospitality Design: Palmer & Co

Imagine this is your local butcher store? Sometimes simple finishes can be so beautiful. Keep an eye out for Round Peg's new specialty butcher fit-out by Kaper Design; Palmer & Co

福岡のリノベーション、店舗デザイン、オーダー家具のCODE STYLE

福岡のリノベーション、店舗デザイン、オーダー家具のCODE STYLE

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we could use this too to rockville example like outdoor indoor entrance as we discussed

saipua. lovely Brooklyn florist shop

this Brooklyn florist shop is like a pipe dream for me but how amazing of a space would this be! If I had a room like this, indoors or out, I'd never leave. I love everything here

10 London Outdoor Restaurants You've Got To Book NOW #refinery29 Top tip: The blueberry pancakes are heavenly, whether enjoyed inside or out....

10 London Outdoor Restaurants You've Got To Book NOW



Honest burgers loved my design, and have commissioned me for the campaign to paint the design onto their shop front for the public to take selfies with and win a free burger. Thats the HONEST truth. Burgers and Me = perfect combo

Independence Beer Garden - if you locate a pop-up bar or pop-up restaurant in a nursery or suitable park, it only takes some lights, tables, some prep or food trucks to make a fantastic event.

Independence Beer Garden - happening this Saturday after BBQ, then to Spruce Street Harbor Park! 😍 miss living in the city sometimes!

和僑商店 古町糀製造所1 プロデュース:有限会社 スタジオ・カルティベイト

和僑商店 古町糀製造所1 プロデュース:有限会社 スタジオ・カルティベイト